Organic Spray Tan Annapolis, MD

Annapolis Envy Tan® Salon

Single Session Tan: $50.00
Three (3) Tan Sessions: $120.00
Five (5) Tan Sessions: $190

Ruby Salon is proud to be an exclusive Envy Tan® salon, a certified organic sunless tanning solution made in the United States.

The biggest question we get is, “Will I look orange or smell funny.” The answer is NO. Our spray tan solution is 100% organic. With Ruby Salon, you’ll achieve the most natural color that exudes from your own skin tone. No staining, no worries. We take great pride in mixing the perfect formula for your skin tone, whether you desire a little glow or a Brazilian bronze. You pick. You’ll be an instant addict, really.

Need a little more proof?
Ruby is a proud sponsor of the Chesapeake Bayhawks’ Cheerleading Squad The Hawkettes — we tan the ladies all season long! And one of our tan addicts had this to say… “I absolutely love coming to see JP at Ruby to get a spray tan! It’s so quick and easy and it always looks so natural. I used to get a spray tan in a booth, but these are so much better. I get so many compliments afterwards and everyone just thinks I’ve been out in the sun!” —Katrina

Spray Tan FAQs

What is spray tanning and how does it work?
Spray tanning, also known as airbrush tanning, will help you achieve a bronzed glow without exposure to the sun. Spray tanning uses a DHA-based solution that is applied to the skin using an airbrush tool. Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is a safe, FDA-approved ingredient that reacts with the natural amino acids in the upper layers of the skin to create a suntan look. The shade of the sunless tanning solution is carefully chosen to match your skin tone and help you achieve the look you want. Please note: spray tanning does not offer sun protection.

How long does spray tanning last?
Just like a typical suntan, the results of sunless tanning do fade. For most people, a spray tan lasts 5 to 10 days, this will depend on your rate of exfoliation and the maintenance products you use. We can recommend special moisturizers and other products that can help you extend your bronzed glow.

How should I prepare for my spray tan session?
We will recommend that you cleanse and exfoliate your skin the day of your session to help ensure the spray tan solution penetrates and absorbs most effectively. You should come in without makeup or lotion, wearing loose fitting clothing.

How long before I can shower?
It is important to give the spray tan solution time to react with your skin for the best results. We suggest you wait 8 to 12 hours before showering and recommend you avoid all contact with water during this period.