Reduce Skin Cancer Risks with Spray Tanning

Skin cancer is a growing health concern that can have many risk factors, with sun exposure being at the top of the list. Looking for that sun-kissed tan without laying in the sun?

ThinkstockPhotos-175719878Ruby Salon offers Envy® spray tanning for a healthy glow that looks like you have just spent a few days in the sun- without the risk of damaging skin with UVA/UVB rays!

Spray tanning is quick, easy and provides results that will last a week or more with the recommended skin care. Envy® professional spray tanning is 100% organic and will be customized to blend with your natural skin tone- no more orange skin!

Our spray tanning products are FDA approved for topical use and the professional sprayed application gives an overall, even tone that looks natural. Perfect for an upcoming vacation, wedding or just to give your skin that healthy, summer glow, spray tanning is a great alternative to exposing your skin to the damaging rays of the sun and a possible sunburn that can increase the risk of skin cancer.

This summer, protect your skin from sun damage with a spray tan- schedule a session online today!

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