Dry Winter Air = Dry Winter Hair

During the winter months the harshness of the dry air and indoor heat can leave your locks feeling less than lush.  And just like summer, winter has its own set of weather-induced frustrations including dryness, dullness and breakage.  Luckily, Ruby Salon has the answer to your winter hair woes.

Salon Hair Conditioning

The lack of  humidity in winter tends to dry out your scalp, making it feel dry and flaky.  Winter hair dilemmas like dandruff can cause your locks to fall limp because oil is being trapped at the root of the hair.  And like your skin, your hair can benefit from a regular facial in the form of a hair conditioning treatment to regain its health and shine.

A salon conditioning treatment is beneficial especially if you color your hair.  These treatments can also help to lock in color so that it looks its best and lasts longer.  Your colorist will recommend the appropriate conditioning treatment to be applied after coloring and can also recommend at home maintenance.

Shine On With A Glaze

A shine glaze in place of your regular color can help repair damage to hair texture and return it to a state of silkiness and shine.  Shine glazes also work to seal the cuticle and protect from future damage.  Best of all, it’s not as harsh or permanent as regular hair color.  Don’t want to change your color?  A clear gloss treatment can leave your hair with the same conditioning benefits–color free.

Treat Your Hair to a Blowout

A Brazilian Blowout not only straightens your strands, it improves the health of your hair.    For up to 90 days, the Brazilian Blowout will give you smooth, frizz-free hair as it maintains a protective layer against the elements.  Ruby Salon is a certified provider of this revolutionary hair treatment.

Ready to escape the winter hair blues?  Schedule your conditioning treatment at Ruby Salon and say goodbye to dull and dry.

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