Organic Sunless Tanning–Get A Glow Before You Go!

Harsh sun exposure ages your skin and tanning beds are so 1980s, not to mention both can cause skin cancer.  So before your next tropical trip visit Ruby Salon in Annapolis to get a gorgeous natural glow before you go.

What is Envy Tan Sunless Tanning?

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Ruby Salon can help you achieve a safe sunless spray tan with Envy Tan.   Say goodbye to the smelly, orange spray tans of the past and hello to a natural-looking bronzed version of your own skin tone. Best of all, our tanning solution is 100% organic!

What do I do before my Spray Tan Appointment?

We recommend you gently exfoliate your skin before your sunless tanning appointment to maximize the length of your tan.  Be sure to wax or shave at least 24 hours prior.  Wear loose fitting clothes and no makeup or lotions, deodorants or perfumes to your sessions.  This will ensure optimal penetration and absorption of the product.

What happens after?

For the best results, avoid taking a shower or bath for about 12 hours.  Excessive sweating should also be avoided along with facials, exfoliations, microdermabrasions, waxing and shaving to prolong your tan after your visit.  Take care to moisturizer after you shower and pat your skin dry instead of rubbing.  Don’t worry, it will all be worth it!

Ready to get that beautiful glow before you go?!  Schedule your sunless tanning session with Ruby Salon in Annapolis today!




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