Protect Your Hair from Too Much Summer Fun

protect your hair from the sun ruby salon annapolis mdThe summer is in full swing and while we are enjoying soaking up the sun and lounging poolside, your hair may not be as excited. Summer activities can take a toll on your hair, and it is important to take steps to protect it from becoming too dry or even discolored.

Too much sun and chlorine can damage your hair and cause your beautiful color to look brassy and your blondes can turn an unpleasant green. Our professional stylists at Ruby Salon in Annapolis, MD offer some tips and tricks for keeping your summer locks looking their best.

Tips for Gorgeous Summer Hair

  • Always stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water all summer long is good for your hair, your skin, and your overall well being. Drinking plenty of water keeps your hair hydrated.
  • Come in for a mid summer trim. Frequent hair cuts or even just a trim at Ruby Salon can keep your frizz down and your hair fresh. Our stylists can help you keep your locks lustrous all summer long. We also offer products that can help protect your hair.
  • Wear a hat or swim cap while in the pool or sun. Keeping your hair protected and out of the elements can help it retain moisture and prevent damage caused by chlorine.
  • Wet your hair before swimming. This may seem counterintuitive but it is true, wet hair is less likely to absorb water in the pool, lake or ocean. Salt and chlorine can be drying and damaging to your hair. Wet hair can reduce the effects of chlorine or salt.

Products For Healthy Summer Hair

Taking care of your body, your skin and your hair are important for your overall well being. Apply sunscreen, and use these high-quality products to protect your hair from the elements this summer.

  • Malibu Shampoo: This shampoo is designed for swimmers. It can help to remove chlorine after swimming to reduce the “green hair” effect.
  • ColorProof Weightless Shine Spray: It’s like sunscreen, for your hair. This spray provides UVA protection for the hair. Spray it on before hitting the beach to help to preserve your highlights or color.

Ask your Ruby Salon stylist for personalized summer hair care tips at your next appointment. Our passion is your hair and we want to help you keep it looking healthy and beautiful through all the seasons. Contact our Annapolis, MD Ruby Salon today to learn more about protecting your hair from the summer heat.

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