Brazilian Blowout in Annapolis, MD

Brazilian blowout Annapolis MD Are you looking for a treatment that can improve the quality of your hair and give you beautiful, long-lasting results?

Well, look no further! Ruby Salon is an awarding winning salon for Best Brazilian blowout in Annapolis 2017!  Ruby Salon offers Brazillian blowout treatments in our Annapolis hair salon. The Brazilian blowout is a professional smoothing treatment that eliminates frizz and smooths the hair cuticles, which results in shiny, smooth hair. Your Brazilian blowout treatment can be customized to fit your hair needs. The Brazilian blowout treatment will leave you with beautiful, silky straight hair. The results are noticeable immediately after treatment!

If you would like to schedule a consultation, call  410.263.7829 or contact Ruby Salon in Annapolis, MD.

Benefits of Brazilian Blowout Treatment:

  • Customizable: We can create a treatment that fits your needs.
  • Won’t damage your curls: At Ruby Salon, our team of stylists takes the time to properly apply all types of treatment to eliminate the risk of damage. 
  • Interchangeable: Do you have curly hair, but you enjoy the look of straight hair every once in a while? Try our Brazilian blowout treatment. We take our time to properly apply your Brazilian blowout treatment so your curls can revert back after your treatment. 
  • Long Lasting: With proper care, your Brazilian blowout treatment can last up to 90 days.
  • Ideal for all hair types: During your consultation at Ruby Salon, one of our experienced stylists will walk you through the process. The Brazilian blowout treatment can be applied to all hair types for effective results.

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