Ombre vs Balayage

Choosing the right hair color techniques can completely transform drab, dull hair. At Ruby Salon, we offer a full range of color services to help you achieve beautiful hair. To schedule an appointment, call 410.263.7829 or request an appointment online

What Is Ombre? 

Ombre is a color technique that creates a two-toned color that usually results in darker hair at the top and a subtle lighter color at the end of the hair. In theory, clients can achieve an ombre effect with just about any hair color. If it is your desire, you can create ombre hair in tones of blonde, red, brown, purple, pink, and even blue. Ombre hair can be personalized to fit short, medium, or long length hair. Your colorist will work with your to determine the best option for your hair length and type. Ombre hair does not require as much touch up as other coloring services so clients can enjoy their ombre look for some time to come. 

Are you interested in ombre? Ruby Salon can help you make a bold statement with a custom designed ombre color. We have a team of master colorists in our Annapolis, MD hair salon who are dedicated to helping you achieve your dream hair. 

What Is Balayage?

bayalage hair ruby salon annapolis md Balayage is typically performed freehand to provide a natural looking color application.  Balayage is usually applied away from the root of the hair to create a gradual increase of color as you make your way to the tips of the hair.  Balayage is usually applied to the surface of the hair, leaving the underside of the hair a darker, subtle tone. Balayage is usually performed on medium to long lengthed hair. Similar to ombre, balayage does not require frequent trips to the salon. Bayalage is a great option for clients who want a  beautiful, low maintenance color. 

Are you considering balayage? Visit Ruby Salon for your hair color needs. Our team can work with you to help you choose a color scheme that compliments your style. To learn more, visit our Annapolis hair salon.

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