Five Benefits Of Facial Waxing

Do you have stubborn facial hair that you are tired of shaving because they seem to lead to ingrown hairs and razor burn?  Have you looked into laser hair removal and realized it is just too expensive? Or, have you tried using over the counter hair removal products such as Nair, and they leave your skin red and irritated?

Here at Ruby Salon, our highly trained and licensed cosmetologist offer facial waxing that will not only leave your skin hairless, silky and smooth for long periods, but it is also a cost-effective alternative to other hair removal procedures. We have listed the top five benefits of facial waxing offered by our team here at Ruby Salon in Annapolis, MD.

Less Hair

  • It is a myth that if you wax your facial hair that it will grow back thicker and at a faster pace. In fact, the more you wax, the less that your hair will grow, and it may even grow in lighter. Also, if you have your facial hair waxed regularly, eventually the follicle will stop producing hair, and you will be hair free.

Longer Results

  • With waxing, the root of the hair is removed entirely, which means that your body needs to regrow from the root before you begin to see hair on your face again. Most waxing procedures can last up to two weeks. Of course, each person is different and has different hair growth rates.

No Ingrown Hairs

  • With shaving, the hair is simply at the surface of your skin, meaning that you can easily obtain an ingrown hair under your skin. Ingrown hairs can be unpleasant not only to look at but can also cause your skin to itch and even bleed at the site of an ingrown hair.


  • At Ruby Salon, we can work with you to reach your desired aesthetic. We can shape every aspect of your facial hair exactly the way you want, for example, your eyebrows. You can tell us how you like them, and we will discuss exactly how we are going to wax them for you.


  • Over the counter products like Nair will be cheaper than waxing. However, they can damage your skin, and have been proven to be inconsistent and ineffective. Also, laser hair removal can be very expensive when compared to waxing.

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