The Benefits Of Adding Color To Your Hair

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years than you know that adding a unique color to your hair is socially acceptable now. Long gone are the days of people giving you strange looks because you have a beautiful streak of pink or purple in your hair.

At Ruby Salon, we can help you express yourself in any way that you choose to do so. We have listed some other benefits that can come from adding color to your hairstyle.

Cover Up Gray Hairs

  • If you are suffering from pesky grey hairs, then a great way to cover them up if to add color. The color will make those gray hairs no longer gray and will keep them that way for some time. We can match the color to match your current hair so that no one will even realize you have added color to disguise your gray hair.

Thinning Hair

  • Adding color to your hair will also add volume and body to your hair giving the illusion of a more thicker, fuller head of hair. This is a less expensive option to try to solve your thinning hair problem and may satisfy your thinning hair problem for years to come.

Meant To Be

  • You may not have been blessed to be born with the best color hair for your other features on your face. For example, maybe you were born with red hair, and have never been satisfied with your red hair, or simply want to see what you would look like as a blonde. Maybe your friends are always telling you that would you like even better as a brunette, and at Ruby Salon, you can safely see for yourself!


  • Hair color is great for clients with weak, damaged or brittle hair as it will add a coating to your hair that will help rebuild the strength in your hair. This added coating can also help protect your hair from some natural dangers of the world such as pollution and damaging sun rays.

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