What You Need To Know About The Modern Day Perm

everything you need to know about a perm ruby salonThe first thing is to forget about the perms of the 80s as perms have come such a long way since the 80s and you are going to love the new modern-day perm. Since the perm is in the middle of a revival, we are going to give you a rundown on a perm, how it works, and what is different about the modern-day perm that we offer here at Ruby Salon.

How Does Traditional Perm Work?

  • Perms will change your hair texture with the use of a chemical. Perhaps you remember or mother or grandmother with a head full of plastic rods at the salon. This is because, in the ’80s, the stylist would wrap all the hair in plastic rods, then apply the chemicals for the perm to help set up the curls. After a while, the stylist will remove the rods, clean and dry the hair, and then the curls will be in place. 

What Is Different About The Modern Perm?

  • Simply put, it is the technique of today’s perm that makes it different. Instead of the traditional tight perm, we are using different methods for different types of curls such as spiral curls, wavy hair, or ‘S’ Curls. 

How Long Does A Perm Last?

  • A perm will last depending on how long your hair is. Typically, the longer the hair, the longer the perm lasts. For clients who have shorter hair, tend to have their hair cut more frequently can last a couple of months. If you happen to have longer hair, you may love your perm even more as your roots begin to grow in.

Do The Modern-Day Perm Still Damage Your Hair?

  • This is actually a myth from the 80s perms that perms damage your hair. If your debating on getting an 80s style perm or a modern-day perm, as long as it is done by a professional like the staff at Ruby Salon, then your hair will be just fine as we have the experience to get your perm done right. 

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