As A Man, Should I Wax Or Shave My Back Hair?

Men choosing to remove hair from their back or chest has become increasingly common in today’s society.  Some men may be embarrassed by their chest or back hair, and elect to shave their hair in the comfort of their own home. However, we are going to explain why you should not feel embarrassed and explore all the benefits that professional waxing has to offer. Visit our team at Ruby Salon in Annapolis, MD to learn more.


  • Since waxing removes the hair from the root, it can last upwards of six weeks depending on how frequently you wax, and of course your genetics, and age of how frequent and thick your chest or back hair grows. Shaving on the flip side do not last nearly as long and can cause irritation in the form of ingrown hair, razor burns, and not too mention how difficult it will be to properly reach some places on your chest and back on your own with a razor.

Cost-Effective & Time Saving

  • One may think that waxing your entire chest or back may cost a good chunk of change, however, at Ruby Salon, our chest and back wax services for men range from $10-$75 depending on the person. Not only is it affordable, as stated above, but it will also last longer than shaving, and take you far less time than shaving. Depending on your situation, manually shaving your chest and back hair at home can take twice the amount of time than a waxing session with Ruby Salon.

Not As Painful As You Think

  • The first session may be a little uncomfortable depending on your personal pain threshold; however, it becomes easier and easier as you continue to get the professional chest and back waxing procedure from Ruby Salon. Here at Ruby Salon, we are a team of professionals with years of experience, and rather than having your significant other or friend wax your back, trust that our professional staff knows how to remove your hair with the least amount of discomfort to your skin.

Schedule An Appointment

If you are interested in learning more about our chest or back hair waxing for men, visit Ruby Salon in Annapolis, MD.  To schedule an appointment, call 410.417.7784 or request an appointment online.

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