What Are The Top Benefits Of A Bikini Wax?

Bikini waxing has many advantages to your everyday life, even if you do not frequent the beach or even wear a bikini. Many women prefer a clean, waxed bikini line on a regular basis as it will boost your confidence in public when wearing shorts or a bathing suit. Also, a freshly waxed bikini line can also boost your confidence in the bedroom with your significant other. Sure, there are other methods to remove the hair around your bikini line, however, none will provide the same results and feeling as a bikini wax from the professionals at Annapolis hair salon, Ruby Salon. annapolis hair salon


  • Unlike other methods of hair removal, waxing will remove the hair from the root. This means that you will get to enjoy a smooth, hairless bikini line for much longer than shaving. If you choose to shave your bikini line, you will run the risk of razor burn or rash along with having to shave every couple of days to ensure a hairless bikini line. Waxing your bikini line can keep your area smooth and hairless for up to five weeks.

Slower Hair Re-Growth

  • Since waxing your hair will remove the hair from the root, this will cause your hair to take much longer to grow back than from shaving or other hair removal techniques. While we said above that waxing your bikini line can last up to five weeks, this time period can even extend longer if you continue to regularly wax your bikini line. 

Minimal Discomfort

  • The only discomfort that you may encounter with waxing is the actual waxing of the hair from your skin. However, when compared to other methods of hair removal such as chemicals that claim to remove your hair, they can cause serious skin irritation that may make you even more insecure than the hair that you were attempting to remove. The same fate is at risk when you choose to shave your bikini area as razor burn is real, and does not feel good or look good. Nothing provides more benefits than waxing your bikini line.

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