Why You Need a Brazilian Blowout this Spring

Spring is in the air and it’s time for a new hairstyle. Winter is ending, and along with it can go your dryer, frizzier hair. A Brazilian Blowout is the perfect sleek look to get yourself ready for spring and summer. Ruby Salon, a hair salon in Annapolis, lets you know why you should be going for this look this spring.hair salon annapolis

It’ll Help Your Frizzy Hair

Winter can wreak havoc on hair. The air is dry which leads to your limp, dehydrated locks. Drying your hair out can mean more split ends and a frizzier look as well. A Brazilian Blowout is meant to smooth out all of that frizz and put the bounce back into your hair. Instead of frizz, you’ll have smooth and sleek hair.

It Actually Improves the Health of Your Hair

This is basically the only straightening treatment that also makes your hair healthier. The Brazilian Blowout treatment leaves a protective layer on the outside of your hair. This can help keep your hair from getting damaged from things like being out in the sun more or using heat on your hair. 

It’s Long-Lasting

Each Brazilian Blowout treatment can keep your hair smooth for up to 90 days. There are aftercare options that can help extend the treatment. In addition, the more you do the treatment, the better your hair will be. It’ll be healthier and smoother longer with the continuation of the Brazilian Blowout treatments.

You Can Still Do Your Normal Hair Care

There isn’t anything special you have to do after getting this treatment. Any normal things that you do with your hair, like putting it up in a ponytail, can still be done without worrying about anything happening to the treatment. Feel free to do whatever you’d like with your hair, and it’ll still say nice and smooth!

It Can Work for Every Hair Type

Brazilian Blowouts are something that can work for every hair type. For curly hair, it enhances your natural curl while making it more tameable. For unruly waves, it can help straighten them out. And for straight hair, it just helps keep it silky and smooth without any frizz.

Split Ends Repair

From the makers of the Brazilian Blowout, we also offer a split ends treatment. In addition to the smoothing effects of the Brazilian Blowout, this additional treatment helps seal and smooth the ends of your hair. This helps prevent future split ends and help with the health of your hair overall.

Brazilian Blowouts at Your Annapolis Hair Salon

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