How to Find Your Perfect Hair Color

Are you interested in changing your look? A new hair color can be the perfect way to complement your features and enhance your appearance.

It can be challenging to find the perfect hair color for you, but the process can be fun. Ruby Salon, a hair salon in Annapolis, MD, offers tips to help you find the best color for your hair.

perfect hair color at Annapolis Maryland hair salon

Consider Your Coloring

When searching for a new hair color, you want to make sure the color is flattering for your features. You will want to evaluate your skin tone and shade to find an appropriate color that matches you well.

Clients with warm skin tones may benefit from rich browns or colors with red or gold undertones. Individuals with cool skin tones can try a shiny black color or ashy shades.

These factors are important to consider to avoid appearing washed out by your hair color. You can choose a natural or dramatic look without the color overwhelming your appearance.

Research Styles

Once you have determined a few hair colors that can flatter your skin tone, you should look through photos of people with your coloring and your ideal hair color. This will provide a clearer image of whether this look is exactly what you are looking for.

This research can allow you to be more specific in your color choice too. For instance, you can compare the appearance of a platinum blonde color versus a honey blonde to determine which would be best for you.

Ask a Hair Care Professional

Advice from a hair expert at your local salon can be a game-changer. A hair color professional can give you an honest opinion about the coloring process in relation to your unique hair.

They can tell you how a new color may react with natural pigmentations already in your hair and provide realistic expectations to your upcoming hair coloring experience. They can also offer recommendations of their own. When consulting with a specialist, it can be helpful to bring photos from your research for the stylists to work from.

Hair Color Experts in Annapolis, MD

Ruby Salon offers high-quality hair color, style, and cut services to clients in Annapolis, MD. To schedule an appointment with us, contact our office online and inquire via email about availability.

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