Bleach Your Hair at a Salon

If you are considering a lighter hair color or going platinum, you are likely thinking about bleaching your hair. This process uses bleach to create a chemical reaction in your hair that lightens its color permanently.

While you can purchase an at-home bleaching kit at a local shop, professional stylists at a hair salon can give you the best treatment for your hair during this process. Ruby Hair Salon in Annapolis, MD describes why choosing a professional stylist to bleach your hair can be the best option.

hair bleaching at salon in Annapolis Maryland

Talk to a Hair Professional About Bleaching

Stylists Understand Hair History

Hair treatments you have had in the past can influence the way your hair reacts to bleach, even if years have passed. Your stylist will ask about your daily hair routine as well as prior treatments done to your hair or scalp.

If you have had a perm, your stylist will likely suggest alternative hair treatment because bleach can harm hair that has already been chemically altered with a perm. Your stylist can work with you and your unique history to determine the best hair treatment plan for you.

Stylists Give Expert Advice

Once your stylist understands your hair’s history, they can provide expert advice about what to expect during the bleaching process, what results you can anticipate, and how to best maintain your ideal color.

Your stylist can let you know that bleaching can take several hours to take effect and that further treatment may be necessary to complete your ideal look, especially if you intend to color over your bleached hair. They can also inform you about ways to keep your hair healthy and looking its best after treatment.

Stylists Know Color Corrections

When the bleaching is complete and rinsed from your hair, the treatment is not yet over. You may look in the mirror at this step of the process and worry that this is the final look of your hair color. This is not the case.

Your stylist will know how to counteract brassy or yellow appearances to bleached hair. They can apply purple toner that works against the yellow to even out your hair color.

Bleach can also make your hair rougher in texture and less shiny in appearance after its chemical effect to the color. Your stylist can provide further treatment and aftercare advice to restore the luster to your hair.

Find Expert Stylists in an Annapolis Hair Salon

Ruby Hair Salon in Annapolis provides professional hair coloring, including bleaching, for all clients. Our team can also cut and style your hair as well as give blowout treatments. Learn more about our services online and schedule an appointment with us via the email address listed on our website.

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