Try Highlights This Summer

As the temperature turns warmer and the skies become sunnier, you may be thinking about upgrading your hairstyle. With milder and more pleasant weather, you will want your hair to look fresh, and highlights could be the best way to do just that.

Highlights add lighter shades to your hair color for a beautiful, natural-looking effect. Ruby Salon, a team of hair experts in Annapolis, MD, outlines why highlights could be the perfect hairstyle for you this summer.

summer highlights in Annapolis Maryland

Get a Summer Glow

Lighter tones to your hair color can give it the appearance of being sun-kissed, which is ideal for sunny summer weather. Added brightness to your hair can make it look like you have just returned from a beachy vacation, and the effect can make you feel refreshed as if you are back from a getaway too.

Highlights are strategically placed by an expert stylist to create dimension to your hair. If you have a color-treated base to your hair, highlights can make the look more natural and more nuanced.

Easy New Style

If you are new to hair color treatment, highlights can be a great place to start. You will be able to see how a stylist can enhance your natural hair to complement your complexion.

Highlights also require fewer touch-up appointments than many other hair coloring techniques, especially full-color treatments. This means you can commit less time to visiting the hair salon and ultimately save money compared to other, more intricate styles.

Fewer Chemicals

To create highlights, your stylist will use a lightening solution to lift color from your hair. This is done to strategic pieces of your hair for the perfect, natural overall look.

Though chemicals are included with this technique, you will be exposed to fewer chemicals with highlighting compared to full coverage hairstyles. This is because stylists apply it to select sections of hair only, and there are fewer maintenance and touch-up treatments required. This is ideal for clients with sensitive skin or those concerned with overly processed hair.

Highlights and More Hair Color Options in Annapolis, MD

Ruby Salon offers highlights and other hair coloring options to clients in Annapolis, MD. Our knowledgeable stylists can also cut and style your hair. Learn more about our business on social media. To schedule an appointment with us, reach out to the email address listed on our website.

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