Learn About Layers for Your Hair

If you would like added volume, reduced weight, or boosted style for your hair, layers could be the best haircut for you. This style is trendy and can benefit clients with many different hair types and aesthetic goals.

Before committing to a new style, it makes sense to want to learn all you can about what you will experience with this cut. Ruby Salon, a hair salon located in Annapolis, MD, responds to frequently asked questions regarding adding layers to your hair.

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Hair Layering FAQs

What Can Layers Do for My Hair?

Hair stylists recommend layers for many clients during their cutting and styling appointments. This style involves cutting the top layer of your hair shorter than your bottom layers in a look that can appear gradual or choppy depending on your preferences.

Individuals with fine hair can see more overall fullness with this style when compared to hair that is cut all the same length. Those with thicker hair sometimes see weight in their hair that creates an undesirable shape. Layers can even out this weight and give hair more movement.

Will Layers Suit My Hair Type?

Layers create differing effects for clients depending on their hair thickness, but other characteristics of your hair can impact your appearance with this style too. Fine-textured hair may only need light layers to achieve the desired effect. Coarse-haired individuals could achieve a great look with choppier layers. Clients with curly hair can see their curls accentuated with layers too.

Do Layers Require Additional Daily Maintenance?

You should consider your usual hair routine before cutting layers into your hair. If you frequently wear your hair up, some layers may be too short to fit into a ponytail, leaving strands falling into your face. Some styles with layers require using additional products or tools to get the optimal effect. You can consult with your stylist for more details about your specific haircut.

Find Your Ideal Hair at Your Salon in Annapolis, MD

Ruby Salon can give your hair layers as well as the perfect length to suit your unique aesthetic during a cutting and styling appointment in Annapolis, MD. Our stylists also perform hair coloring and blowouts, among other hair treatments. To schedule an appointment with one of our expert hairdressers, email the address listed on our website, and visit our social media pages for more details about our beauty services.

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