Try Dark Hair This Winter

Dropping temperatures mean that winter is finally here! Holiday fun and cozy fashion make this an exciting time of year. As you layer jackets and pull on gloves, you may be wondering what to do with your hair.

Many individuals view winter as the season to dye their hair a darker color. Ruby Salon, a full-service hair salon located in Annapolis, MD, elaborates on the darker-toned hair color trend that surfaces during the winter months.

winter hair color Annapolis Maryland

Why Is Dark Hair Color Popular During the Winter?

Clients have many reasons for wanting to dye their hair. They may hope to hide grey hairs, or they may seek a fun change in the way that they look.

The winter season tends to encourage clients to choose a dark color for their hair. While some people go for all-over color, others prefer darker highlights. But where does this idea come from?

Some individuals say that darker hair colors appear rich and warm, a sentiment that is appealing when the weather feels cold. Others choose this darker hue because it is closer to their natural color and will therefore require less maintenance. It may be more difficult to get to a hair salon during harsh snowy conditions.

Is This Trend Right for Me?

Just because a hairstyle or color is trendy, it does not mean that you want to choose this option for your own hair. You can talk to a professional hair stylist at your local salon about your aesthetic goals and the process of dying your hair to determine if this is the right choice for you.

Dark hair color comes in many shades, and you can also go for highlights or ombre when considering a new hairstyle. It may be a good idea to look through photos online or through social media to get an idea of color or style that appeals to you.

You and your stylist can evaluate your own coloring and appearance to find the style that best suits you, whether you hope for a dramatic update to your hair or a balanced and natural look.

Learn More at Your Annapolis, MD Hair Salon

Ruby Salon offers expert hair coloring treatments for clients in Annapolis, MD. Our stylists can cut and style your hair too, including blowout treatments. To learn more about our services, check out our website and social media pages. You can email our office to schedule an appointment or consultation with our salon.

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