4 Styles for Long Hair

If you are looking for an upgrade to your hairstyle, you do not need to chop dramatic length from your hair. Long hair looks beautiful, especially with maintenance and styling at an expert salon.

Many individuals love their long hair because it provides them with many options for styling. If you want some refreshing, new ways to experiment with your hair, your local hair stylists can give you some ideas. Ruby Salon, a team of hair and beauty experts located in Annapolis, MD, lists four styles you can try if you have long hair.

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Switch Your Part

An easy way to get a new look for your hair is to change your part. If your hair naturally parts down the middle, you can try moving your part to the side to switch up your look. Alternatively, if your part is usually off-center, you can follow recent trends and try a middle part.

Use a comb to align and separate your hair into a new, straight part. For a slightly messier and more natural look, you can flip your hair with your hands to create a side part.

Cut New Layers or Bangs

You can visit your local salon for a haircut that will alter your style without losing your length. If you notice that your hair seems flat, cutting layers in your hair can create volume and movement in your hair with little maintenance.

You may also want to consider bangs to mix up your hairstyle. There are many kinds of bangs you can try with your long hair, from blunt cuts to curtain bangs that frame your face. You can consult with your stylist about which styles will suit your unique facial structure.

Change Up Your Texture

Your hair stylist can help you alter your hair’s texture and give your hair new life. If your hair is naturally straight, you can visit your salon and find a treatment that will help you get the waves and curls that you desire.

For clients who want to straighten their hair, your local hair expert can provide smoothing treatments that can last for weeks or months, depending on your preference. A Brazilian blowout can help you look polished while boosting the health of your hair.

Try an Updo

You can try a new style for your long hair by pulling it back in unique ways. A sleek ponytail or fun braid can mix up your look without altering your hair itself. If you have a special event coming up, you can book a hair stylist from your local salon to style your hair in an updo or other variation.

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