Alex Salon Manager

Alex Ruby Salon ManagerHi! My name is Alex! I am the Manager at Ruby salon. I have been at Ruby since August 2011! Man how time passes. I still remember walking up to the salon to apply for shampoo tech. I had long blonde hair down to my butt, some horrible pink sweater on & nervous as hell. Needless to say I got the job:) I have always gravitated to the salon world. No I do not want to cut hair; I don’t even own a hair dryer. That is a fact. I have always been more about the clients and book keeping/numbers…behind the scenes more so. When I first started as a shampoo tech I was quiet and taking everything in. Eventually I found myself loving every aspect of it. I love learning about the color line, about the styling products. I became educated to better assist clients with their hair. Just not in the way a stylist would. I was more so a third eye for them.

I grew to really love the staff and clients. I used to always joke that you can learn a lot about someone while you wash their hair!

With time I started helping “downstairs” with the computer and more salon related projects. I absolutely loved it. Eventually I was offered a Manager position and dove in head first! I find so much joy in being the first and last person you talk to here at Ruby Salon. It is truly an amazing feeling to be at work and feel like yourself.

Ruby salon will always be a second family to me; these are not just coworkers, their friends. These are people who have been around for major events in my life. They have seen breaks up and make ups. Watched me love, cry, laugh. They were all in the hospital when I had my son. No questions asked. Seriously they all just arrived, and I loved that. Ruby salon is a home to me. It is a place that I look forward to going to everyday. It is a place that I want to constantly improve, rather it be reorganizing or cleaning. Part of who I am is because of this salon. I never knew what would come of responding to that ad for a “shampoo tech” but here I am looking forward to going to work tomorrow.