Three Benefits Of Having A Good Skin Care Routine At Home

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Just about everyone wants good skin as it not only looks good but feels good too. A healthy skin routine is imperative at home, no matter how tempting it may be to skip your face cleaning routine after a long day and hop straight into bed. It is important to never skip a day, which will help form a healthy routine.

Ruby Salon isn’t just the best hair salon in Annapolis. We’re also specialists in skincare. We can assure you that it is much easier to maintain healthy skin that it is to repair damaged skin or to clear up acne. We have made a list to show you the benefits of developing and implementing a healthy skincare routine at home.

Look Younger, Longer

  • It’s kind of weird how things work in life as you can sit back and reflect on things. As a teenager, just about everyone wants to look older. However, as you get older, everyone wants to look younger. Well, it may be possible to make sure yourself look older fairly easy, however, making yourself look younger is a much harder task. A healthy skincare routine at home will assist in slowing down the aging process. Since your face is what people are looking at most, it is important to always take care of your face before bed.

Quick Results

  • Of course, each person is different, but for most of us, you will see results from a healthy skincare routine at home fairly quickly. Unlike obtaining a six-pack, you will see results very quickly with just a simple daily routine.

Confidence Boost

  • A clean, healthy face is most definitely a game-changer no matter where you find yourself. Either out on a date, at work, or even at the gym, when people see a healthy, clean face, they usually smile. Nothing will boost your confidence more than a pleasant smile from a stranger when you are in regular passing.

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The Benefits Of Hair Extensions

You may think that hair extension is only for the rich and famous; however, think again! At Ruby Salon, we can give you affordable hair extensions that look just like the hair of your favorite celebrities. There are several benefits to adding hair extensions to your hairstyle, and more than just having long hair.


  • Maybe you have been thinking about adding some color to your hair or even getting an ombre? If you haven’t done so yet, then you are probably worried about the semi-permanent change if your hair color, in case you do not like it. Hair extensions can be done in just about any color you desire, which will give you a chance to trial some colors before you decide to actually color or hair or get that popular ombre.


  • If you are suffering from hair loss or were just born with thin hair, then hair extensions are a great way to boost your confidence. Hair extensions will give you that volume and thickness to your hair that you desire. We have experience in helping clients with thin hair so that you are comfortable and have a natural look with thick hair.


  • If you have short hair or your hair just doesn’t seem to grow past a certain point, then hair extension is a great solution to try a different hairstyle. With the additional length and volume, you can give yourself braids, bun, or ponytail that you have always wanted. Of course, you can also do a fancy long hairpiece that maybe you have seen on TV or at an event. With hair extensions, the options are just about endless. 


  • Very few things in life offer a no-risk guarantee; however, hair extensions can offer just that! If you do not like the way they look or the style that you were trying to achieve, then you can simply take them out and try again. Another benefit to hair extensions is that they will cause absolutely cause no damage to your current hair or scalp. 

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Three Benefits Of Having Your Hair Done Professionally For Your Wedding Day

There is a reason that they call your wedding day your “big day.” That is because it is supposed to be one of the most important days of your life. With so many things to plan for your wedding, such as a guest list, gift registry, venue, food, drinks and more, there is no need to add things to your day that you can easily let someone else handle. We have listed the benefits of having your hair and makeup done professionally at Ruby Salon for your big day.

Reduced Stress

  • As mentioned above, you need to schedule and arrange things for your wedding day, such as a venue, seating arrangements, guest list, gift registry, dresses, flowers, and more. You can check two items off of your list such as hair and makeup, and Ruby Salon can handle everyone in your wedding party to ensure matching hair and makeup for everyone at your wedding.


  • Your wedding day most likely will be a long day, and you want your hair and makeup to last the entire day. Not only just for you but for your entire wedding party. This way, when it is time for pictures to be taken, you and your wedding party are ready and looking your best.

Proper Use Of Professional Products

  • Sure, you and your bridal party may have professional products for your hair and makeup, but do you really know the proper way to apply them, so they look the best when applied? Maybe. Maybe not. But we definitely do! We can ensure that you are getting the most out of the professional products that you have and that we have. 

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As A Man, Should I Wax Or Shave My Back Hair?

Men choosing to remove hair from their back or chest has become increasingly common in today’s society.  Some men may be embarrassed by their chest or back hair, and elect to shave their hair in the comfort of their own home. However, we are going to explain why you should not feel embarrassed and explore all the benefits that professional waxing has to offer. Visit our team at Ruby Salon in Annapolis, MD to learn more.


  • Since waxing removes the hair from the root, it can last upwards of six weeks depending on how frequently you wax, and of course your genetics, and age of how frequent and thick your chest or back hair grows. Shaving on the flip side do not last nearly as long and can cause irritation in the form of ingrown hair, razor burns, and not too mention how difficult it will be to properly reach some places on your chest and back on your own with a razor.

Cost-Effective & Time Saving

  • One may think that waxing your entire chest or back may cost a good chunk of change, however, at Ruby Salon, our chest and back wax services for men range from $10-$75 depending on the person. Not only is it affordable, as stated above, but it will also last longer than shaving, and take you far less time than shaving. Depending on your situation, manually shaving your chest and back hair at home can take twice the amount of time than a waxing session with Ruby Salon.

Not As Painful As You Think

  • The first session may be a little uncomfortable depending on your personal pain threshold; however, it becomes easier and easier as you continue to get the professional chest and back waxing procedure from Ruby Salon. Here at Ruby Salon, we are a team of professionals with years of experience, and rather than having your significant other or friend wax your back, trust that our professional staff knows how to remove your hair with the least amount of discomfort to your skin.

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What You Need To Know About The Modern Day Perm

everything you need to know about a perm ruby salonThe first thing is to forget about the perms of the 80s as perms have come such a long way since the 80s and you are going to love the new modern-day perm. Since the perm is in the middle of a revival, we are going to give you a rundown on a perm, how it works, and what is different about the modern-day perm that we offer here at Ruby Salon.

How Does Traditional Perm Work?

  • Perms will change your hair texture with the use of a chemical. Perhaps you remember or mother or grandmother with a head full of plastic rods at the salon. This is because, in the ’80s, the stylist would wrap all the hair in plastic rods, then apply the chemicals for the perm to help set up the curls. After a while, the stylist will remove the rods, clean and dry the hair, and then the curls will be in place. 

What Is Different About The Modern Perm?

  • Simply put, it is the technique of today’s perm that makes it different. Instead of the traditional tight perm, we are using different methods for different types of curls such as spiral curls, wavy hair, or ‘S’ Curls. 

How Long Does A Perm Last?

  • A perm will last depending on how long your hair is. Typically, the longer the hair, the longer the perm lasts. For clients who have shorter hair, tend to have their hair cut more frequently can last a couple of months. If you happen to have longer hair, you may love your perm even more as your roots begin to grow in.

Do The Modern-Day Perm Still Damage Your Hair?

  • This is actually a myth from the 80s perms that perms damage your hair. If your debating on getting an 80s style perm or a modern-day perm, as long as it is done by a professional like the staff at Ruby Salon, then your hair will be just fine as we have the experience to get your perm done right. 

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The Advantages Of Eye Lash Extensions

At Ruby Salon, we specialize in eyelash extensions that will enhance the look of your natural eyelashes rather than fake eyelashes. Eyelash extensions, lash tints, and last lifts are all very popular and are enhancements to your real eyelashes. Whether you desire last extensions for everyday use that can make your morning beauty routine take less time or if you want an extravagant approach to your eyelashes, Ruby Salon can take care of all your lash needs by enhancing the thickness, fullness, and the length of your natural lashes. We have listed all the benefits that our lash bar can offer you.


  • Your eyes are beautiful, and there is no better way to draw attention to your beautiful eyes to have more thick and full natural eyelashes. This will enhance your eyes and have everyone taking notice. In manay cases, eyelash extensions are indistinguishable from your natural lashes, so you can boast that they are your natural eyelashes.

Water Resistant

  • Not only are our lash extensions used with your natural eyelashes, but you do not have to worry about them being damaged or ruined in the shower or on vacation as they are water resistant.

No, Makeup Needed

  • With our longer and fuller natural lash extensions, lift or tint, there is no need to add makeup as your eyes will already stand out with the use of makeup. This will ultimately cut your preparation time in half.

No Glue Needed

  • With fake lashes, you will need to apply glue to assure that they stay on, and even that glue will not guarantee that they stay on throughout the length of the day and with the elements such as heat, cold, or water.

Long Lasting

  • Our lash extensions can last anywhere from 3-6 weeks, depending on your natural eyelash growth. Our initial session can take up to 2 hours, and we perform a refresh every 2-3 weeks with those appointments only last about 1 hour.

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The Benefits Of Adding Color To Your Hair

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years than you know that adding a unique color to your hair is socially acceptable now. Long gone are the days of people giving you strange looks because you have a beautiful streak of pink or purple in your hair.

At Ruby Salon, we can help you express yourself in any way that you choose to do so. We have listed some other benefits that can come from adding color to your hairstyle.

Cover Up Gray Hairs

  • If you are suffering from pesky grey hairs, then a great way to cover them up if to add color. The color will make those gray hairs no longer gray and will keep them that way for some time. We can match the color to match your current hair so that no one will even realize you have added color to disguise your gray hair.

Thinning Hair

  • Adding color to your hair will also add volume and body to your hair giving the illusion of a more thicker, fuller head of hair. This is a less expensive option to try to solve your thinning hair problem and may satisfy your thinning hair problem for years to come.

Meant To Be

  • You may not have been blessed to be born with the best color hair for your other features on your face. For example, maybe you were born with red hair, and have never been satisfied with your red hair, or simply want to see what you would look like as a blonde. Maybe your friends are always telling you that would you like even better as a brunette, and at Ruby Salon, you can safely see for yourself!


  • Hair color is great for clients with weak, damaged or brittle hair as it will add a coating to your hair that will help rebuild the strength in your hair. This added coating can also help protect your hair from some natural dangers of the world such as pollution and damaging sun rays.

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Five Benefits Of Facial Waxing

Do you have stubborn facial hair that you are tired of shaving because they seem to lead to ingrown hairs and razor burn?  Have you looked into laser hair removal and realized it is just too expensive? Or, have you tried using over the counter hair removal products such as Nair, and they leave your skin red and irritated?

Here at Ruby Salon, our highly trained and licensed cosmetologist offer facial waxing that will not only leave your skin hairless, silky and smooth for long periods, but it is also a cost-effective alternative to other hair removal procedures. We have listed the top five benefits of facial waxing offered by our team here at Ruby Salon in Annapolis, MD.

Less Hair

  • It is a myth that if you wax your facial hair that it will grow back thicker and at a faster pace. In fact, the more you wax, the less that your hair will grow, and it may even grow in lighter. Also, if you have your facial hair waxed regularly, eventually the follicle will stop producing hair, and you will be hair free.

Longer Results

  • With waxing, the root of the hair is removed entirely, which means that your body needs to regrow from the root before you begin to see hair on your face again. Most waxing procedures can last up to two weeks. Of course, each person is different and has different hair growth rates.

No Ingrown Hairs

  • With shaving, the hair is simply at the surface of your skin, meaning that you can easily obtain an ingrown hair under your skin. Ingrown hairs can be unpleasant not only to look at but can also cause your skin to itch and even bleed at the site of an ingrown hair.


  • At Ruby Salon, we can work with you to reach your desired aesthetic. We can shape every aspect of your facial hair exactly the way you want, for example, your eyebrows. You can tell us how you like them, and we will discuss exactly how we are going to wax them for you.


  • Over the counter products like Nair will be cheaper than waxing. However, they can damage your skin, and have been proven to be inconsistent and ineffective. Also, laser hair removal can be very expensive when compared to waxing.

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The Dangers Of Excess Sun Exposure

Just about everyone would like a nice healthy tan during the summertime for various reasons. The number one reason would be that in the summertime, you typically wear fewer clothes and clothes that are lighter in color or even white clothing. If you have a naturally pale complexion, you may try to get a nice tan before heading on your summer vacation. 

We are proud to offer an organic solution call Envy sunless tanning solution that is made right here in the USA. This will give you that natural tan that you are looking for without being exposed to the harmful UV lights from tanning beds or UVB rays from the sun.

We have made a list of dangers that can occur from excessive UV and UVB rays that make our Envy sunless tan solution the best choice for you.

  • Cancer-Causing
    • Ultraviolet (UV) lights from tanning beds are notoriously known for causing many types of skin cancer, including basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma. It has been proven that over 90% of patients that have some form of skin cancer are due to excessive exposure to UV rays.
  • Burns Your Skin
    • UV will also burn your skin. A sunburn is a result of your damaged skin cells caused by absorbing too many UV rays. Your skin will turn red, feel hot and feel like it is burning due to extra blood flowing to the damaged areas in an attempt to repair your skin cells.
  • Damages Your Immune System
    • Another fact with overexposure to UV radiation is the damaging effects on your immune system. When you subject yourself to a sunburn, your immune system shifts its defense powers to your skin. Possibly leaving yourself exposed to other sicknesses that your body usually wouldn’t have a problem defending.
  • Ages Your Skin Faster
    • Prolonged exposure to raw sunlight will also cause your skin to age or look older much faster than intended. UV rays will destroy collagen tissues beneath your skin and can cause wrinkles and brown spots on your skin.

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FAQs About Brazilian Blowouts

Brazilian blowout Annapolis MD

At Ruby Salon in Annapolis, MD,  we not only want to make you look and feel beautiful, but we also want to educate you about hair care. One of the most popular hair treatments that we offer is the Brazilian Blowout. If you are interested in this treatment, here are a few faqs to educate you on the treatment process.

Will the Brazilian Blowout Work on Any Type of Hair?

Yes. Ruby Salon has performed this treatment on individuals with fine, coarse, frizzy and curly hair. Our professionally certified and trained stylists have also used the treatment on hair that has been permed, Japanese straightened, extensions, damaged or processed.

How Will My Hair Look After the Blowout?

Your hair will be frizz-free, shiny, manageable and have plenty of body and bounce. Depending on your type of hair, you have the option to wear it curly or wavy. You can still use a blow dryer for a smoother, straighter style and what’s more, it takes less time to achieve these looks with the Brazilian Blowout.

Will the Brazilian Blowout Work on Highlighted or Colored Hair?

Yes. It will actually improve the shine and the health of color-treated or highlighted hair by conditioning the hair while sealing the cuticle.

Can I Still Get the Brazilian Blowout If I Have a Relaxer?

Yes. The Brazilian Blowout works best on hair that has already been chemically treated. It helps to improve the condition of the hair by fortifying each strand with essential amino acids.

How Long Does It Last?

If you use the Acai After-Care Maintenance product line, the Brazilian Blowout will last up to 12 weeks. The more you receive the blowouts, the healthier the hair becomes, and the results will last longer.

Will I Have More Volume With the Brazilian Blowout?

Your hair will maintain its natural volume and will have a great memory and will bend better when blow-drying or using a curling iron.

Can I Get My Hair Colored the Same Day That I Get the Treatment?

Ruby Salon recommends that you wait at least two weeks after receiving the Brazilian Blowout to color your hair if it was not colored prior to receiving the treatment.


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