Hair Trends for the Holidays

Winter holidays are coming, which means you will want to channel festive energy into your look. You may consider a change in your hairstyle to accompany the jolly new season.

Your hair stylist can help you find the best look that matches your unique style while remaining on trend with the upcoming cold weather months. Ruby Salon, a team of expert hair stylists in Annapolis, MD, describes three styles you can try with your hair this holiday season.

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Try Bangs

Ever wondered if bangs will suit your style? Winter could be the ideal time to try this look for yourself. You will not have to worry about heat and humidity affecting your hair during this season.

Bangs come in different types, so whether you want to try feathered, choppy, or blunt bangs, your hair stylist can help you. You can also mix up your look by pairing bangs with a stylish headband or pulling the rest of your hair back into a bun to highlight your look.

Subtle Hair Color

When considering an ideal hair color for the winter months, you may want to choose a subtle style. A less bold and more natural look will require less maintenance. You would not have to venture out of your home for a touch-up as often in harsh winter weather. Your stylist can offer advice about beautiful colors that will enhance your hair.

Consider a Dramatic Bob

A bob will never go out of style, and you can discuss your ideal hair length with your stylist when you make a salon appointment. Winter could be a fun time to make a dramatic change and go with short hair, spicing up your style when the weather feels drab.

You can play with this style even further by considering a fun side part or an elegant middle part for your bob. Your stylist may recommend adding layers to your hair for further style enhancement. You can also create waves for another stylish way to wear your new short hair.

Visit Your Local Hair Salon in Annapolis, MD

Ruby Salon offers cuts, styling, and coloring for your hair in Annapolis, MD. Ask our expert stylists how you can boost your look with an enhanced style. See how we help our clients on our social media pages. To book an appointment with us, contact our team online.

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Learn About Layers for Your Hair

If you would like added volume, reduced weight, or boosted style for your hair, layers could be the best haircut for you. This style is trendy and can benefit clients with many different hair types and aesthetic goals.

Before committing to a new style, it makes sense to want to learn all you can about what you will experience with this cut. Ruby Salon, a hair salon located in Annapolis, MD, responds to frequently asked questions regarding adding layers to your hair.

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Hair Layering FAQs

What Can Layers Do for My Hair?

Hair stylists recommend layers for many clients during their cutting and styling appointments. This style involves cutting the top layer of your hair shorter than your bottom layers in a look that can appear gradual or choppy depending on your preferences.

Individuals with fine hair can see more overall fullness with this style when compared to hair that is cut all the same length. Those with thicker hair sometimes see weight in their hair that creates an undesirable shape. Layers can even out this weight and give hair more movement.

Will Layers Suit My Hair Type?

Layers create differing effects for clients depending on their hair thickness, but other characteristics of your hair can impact your appearance with this style too. Fine-textured hair may only need light layers to achieve the desired effect. Coarse-haired individuals could achieve a great look with choppier layers. Clients with curly hair can see their curls accentuated with layers too.

Do Layers Require Additional Daily Maintenance?

You should consider your usual hair routine before cutting layers into your hair. If you frequently wear your hair up, some layers may be too short to fit into a ponytail, leaving strands falling into your face. Some styles with layers require using additional products or tools to get the optimal effect. You can consult with your stylist for more details about your specific haircut.

Find Your Ideal Hair at Your Salon in Annapolis, MD

Ruby Salon can give your hair layers as well as the perfect length to suit your unique aesthetic during a cutting and styling appointment in Annapolis, MD. Our stylists also perform hair coloring and blowouts, among other hair treatments. To schedule an appointment with one of our expert hairdressers, email the address listed on our website, and visit our social media pages for more details about our beauty services.

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How to Find Your Ideal Hair Salon

If you recently moved to a new area or hope to find a fresh hairstyle, you may be undergoing a search for a hair salon. This process does not have to be overwhelming if you have a plan.

Your relationship with your hair stylist requires trust and good communication, and you deserve a salon where you will not have to compromise these values. Ruby Salon, a team of hair stylists in Annapolis, MD, outlines steps you can take to find the best hair salon.

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Search Social Media

Hair stylists often post photographs to their social media accounts of recent hair colorings, cuts, and styles they completed for clients. These images should be accessible to the public, which means you can easily scroll through the stylists’ digital archives and get a feel for their aesthetic and expertise.

Search engines like Google can help you narrow your hunt for a hair salon too. Looking up keywords and hashtags that include your city or region can ensure you find the perfect salon with a convenient location.

Research Reviews

A good hair salon will display online reviews of its services on its website. You can read the feedback from past and current clients to get a thorough understanding of what you can expect with this team of stylists.

Digital feedback is an excellent way to find honest accounts of customer experiences. It can boost your confidence in the expertise of that salon or reveal red flags that may encourage you to look elsewhere for a hair stylist.

Schedule a Consultation

One of the primary ways to determine if a hair salon is right for you is by scheduling a consultation with a stylist. You can use this opportunity to discuss your aesthetic goals and address any questions you may have about a salon’s styling process.

It may be a good idea to book a salon for a conditioning or blowout to establish a relationship with a stylist before committing to a haircut or coloring session. You will also be able to learn more about the welcoming staff and aesthetic of the salon’s facilities when you visit the place in person.

Talk to the Best Hair Salon in Annapolis, MD

Ruby Salon features the best hair stylists with expert advice in cutting, coloring, and much more in Annapolis, MD. Our team also provides blowout treatments and other styling options. Learn more about our services on social media or our website. You can schedule an appointment with us through the email address listed on our site.

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Ruby Salon Wins Best of Annapolis 2021

Award-winning hair stylists are in downtown Annapolis, MD. Ruby Salon just won the Best of Beauty and Fitness award from the annual “What’s Up” magazine.

Ruby Salon has been recognized for this award for 11 consecutive years. Discover what has made our hair care the best in town for over a decade!

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High-Quality Hair Extensions

Ruby Salon offers specialty hair treatments, including hair extensions. You can receive extensions with premium hair that can be styled just the way you want it. You can consult with one of our stylists to achieve the length and fullness you desire to reach your aesthetic goals.

We also offer award-winning Brazilian Blowout hair treatments. Your hair can look straighter and smoother with this style while also feeling sleek and healthy. Talk to your stylist about how to enhance your hairstyle while also boosting your hair’s health.

Our stylists are trained in hair straightening treatments, perms, and other shaping and stylings. We can cut or color hair for customers of all ages and all genders. There are many different hair coloring options you can choose from, so schedule an appointment with a stylist today.

Styling for Your Special Occasion

You have so much to think about while preparing for your wedding day, so you can feel confident in trusting your hair with an award-winning salon. Ruby Salon offers specialized prices for styling a bride’s hair on her big day.

You can also book a trial appointment to discuss your aesthetic goals for this occasion with your stylist, ensuring your look is perfect for the day of the wedding. We can accommodate bridal parties too so that you can spend your special day with the people you care about. We style hair for other special occasions too, so reach out to our stylist team on our website to learn more about our services.

Call an Expert Hair Salon in Annapolis, MD Today

Ruby Salon offers high-quality hair cutting, styling, coloring, and much more to clients in Annapolis, MD. If you have a special event coming up, schedule an appointment with us using the email address listed on our website. You can learn more about our work on our social media pages too.

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Try Highlights This Summer

As the temperature turns warmer and the skies become sunnier, you may be thinking about upgrading your hairstyle. With milder and more pleasant weather, you will want your hair to look fresh, and highlights could be the best way to do just that.

Highlights add lighter shades to your hair color for a beautiful, natural-looking effect. Ruby Salon, a team of hair experts in Annapolis, MD, outlines why highlights could be the perfect hairstyle for you this summer.

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Get a Summer Glow

Lighter tones to your hair color can give it the appearance of being sun-kissed, which is ideal for sunny summer weather. Added brightness to your hair can make it look like you have just returned from a beachy vacation, and the effect can make you feel refreshed as if you are back from a getaway too.

Highlights are strategically placed by an expert stylist to create dimension to your hair. If you have a color-treated base to your hair, highlights can make the look more natural and more nuanced.

Easy New Style

If you are new to hair color treatment, highlights can be a great place to start. You will be able to see how a stylist can enhance your natural hair to complement your complexion.

Highlights also require fewer touch-up appointments than many other hair coloring techniques, especially full-color treatments. This means you can commit less time to visiting the hair salon and ultimately save money compared to other, more intricate styles.

Fewer Chemicals

To create highlights, your stylist will use a lightening solution to lift color from your hair. This is done to strategic pieces of your hair for the perfect, natural overall look.

Though chemicals are included with this technique, you will be exposed to fewer chemicals with highlighting compared to full coverage hairstyles. This is because stylists apply it to select sections of hair only, and there are fewer maintenance and touch-up treatments required. This is ideal for clients with sensitive skin or those concerned with overly processed hair.

Highlights and More Hair Color Options in Annapolis, MD

Ruby Salon offers highlights and other hair coloring options to clients in Annapolis, MD. Our knowledgeable stylists can also cut and style your hair. Learn more about our business on social media. To schedule an appointment with us, reach out to the email address listed on our website.

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Bleach Your Hair at a Salon

If you are considering a lighter hair color or going platinum, you are likely thinking about bleaching your hair. This process uses bleach to create a chemical reaction in your hair that lightens its color permanently.

While you can purchase an at-home bleaching kit at a local shop, professional stylists at a hair salon can give you the best treatment for your hair during this process. Ruby Hair Salon in Annapolis, MD describes why choosing a professional stylist to bleach your hair can be the best option.

hair bleaching at salon in Annapolis Maryland

Talk to a Hair Professional About Bleaching

Stylists Understand Hair History

Hair treatments you have had in the past can influence the way your hair reacts to bleach, even if years have passed. Your stylist will ask about your daily hair routine as well as prior treatments done to your hair or scalp.

If you have had a perm, your stylist will likely suggest alternative hair treatment because bleach can harm hair that has already been chemically altered with a perm. Your stylist can work with you and your unique history to determine the best hair treatment plan for you.

Stylists Give Expert Advice

Once your stylist understands your hair’s history, they can provide expert advice about what to expect during the bleaching process, what results you can anticipate, and how to best maintain your ideal color.

Your stylist can let you know that bleaching can take several hours to take effect and that further treatment may be necessary to complete your ideal look, especially if you intend to color over your bleached hair. They can also inform you about ways to keep your hair healthy and looking its best after treatment.

Stylists Know Color Corrections

When the bleaching is complete and rinsed from your hair, the treatment is not yet over. You may look in the mirror at this step of the process and worry that this is the final look of your hair color. This is not the case.

Your stylist will know how to counteract brassy or yellow appearances to bleached hair. They can apply purple toner that works against the yellow to even out your hair color.

Bleach can also make your hair rougher in texture and less shiny in appearance after its chemical effect to the color. Your stylist can provide further treatment and aftercare advice to restore the luster to your hair.

Find Expert Stylists in an Annapolis Hair Salon

Ruby Hair Salon in Annapolis provides professional hair coloring, including bleaching, for all clients. Our team can also cut and style your hair as well as give blowout treatments. Learn more about our services online and schedule an appointment with us via the email address listed on our website.

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How to Find Your Perfect Hair Color

Are you interested in changing your look? A new hair color can be the perfect way to complement your features and enhance your appearance.

It can be challenging to find the perfect hair color for you, but the process can be fun. Ruby Salon, a hair salon in Annapolis, MD, offers tips to help you find the best color for your hair.

perfect hair color at Annapolis Maryland hair salon

Consider Your Coloring

When searching for a new hair color, you want to make sure the color is flattering for your features. You will want to evaluate your skin tone and shade to find an appropriate color that matches you well.

Clients with warm skin tones may benefit from rich browns or colors with red or gold undertones. Individuals with cool skin tones can try a shiny black color or ashy shades.

These factors are important to consider to avoid appearing washed out by your hair color. You can choose a natural or dramatic look without the color overwhelming your appearance.

Research Styles

Once you have determined a few hair colors that can flatter your skin tone, you should look through photos of people with your coloring and your ideal hair color. This will provide a clearer image of whether this look is exactly what you are looking for.

This research can allow you to be more specific in your color choice too. For instance, you can compare the appearance of a platinum blonde color versus a honey blonde to determine which would be best for you.

Ask a Hair Care Professional

Advice from a hair expert at your local salon can be a game-changer. A hair color professional can give you an honest opinion about the coloring process in relation to your unique hair.

They can tell you how a new color may react with natural pigmentations already in your hair and provide realistic expectations to your upcoming hair coloring experience. They can also offer recommendations of their own. When consulting with a specialist, it can be helpful to bring photos from your research for the stylists to work from.

Hair Color Experts in Annapolis, MD

Ruby Salon offers high-quality hair color, style, and cut services to clients in Annapolis, MD. To schedule an appointment with us, contact our office online and inquire via email about availability.

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Fall Hair Trends for 2020

As summer fades into fall, it’s time to shake up what you’re doing with your hair. While many people dye their hair a darker shade to fit with fall weather, there are many other trends you can do to stand out this season. Ruby Salon, an Annapolis hair salon, highlights the trends you should consider following this salon in annapolis

Cutting Your Hair Shorter

Fall normally winds things down after a busy summer social season. You want a low-maintenance do and you’re not worried as much about needing to do up-dos or blowouts. That’s what makes short hairstyles the perfect choice for fall. Luckily, there are a variety of options you have to make sure you get one that fits you well.

Two of the most popular short hairstyles are the bob and pixie cut. Both of these have a variety of styles that you can choose from. Definitely do your research before you come into the salon. If you know your face shape, see what options are out there to fit your face best. One of our experienced hairstylists can also give you their opinion on what style is right for you.

Long Layers

If you aren’t on board with chopping your locks off, long layers are another low-maintenance option. They also offer you a variety of styles, whether you want them to look sleek and polished or a bit shaggy and wild. Don’t be afraid to have fun with these. It’s an easy way to try a new style that isn’t extreme.

Curtain Bangs

Bangs aren’t just a one-style option. There are many different types of bangs that can suit your style. Curtain bangs are an easy way for you to try something new without chopping off your locks or changing it up with color. They’re a subtle difference, but they’re also easy to grow out or style if you find they aren’t for you.

Bright Colors Out Front

The 90s have been coming back fiercely in the style department lately, and this look is one of the best. You can do a fun pop of color without committing to something over your entire head. If you’re looking to spice up your natural color, try bright blonde or some neon out front. It’s eye-catching and an easy change from your normal look.

Shades of Red

Red looks to be a super popular color going into cooler weather. It’s something to keep the heat of summer going even though the temperature is dropping. Red has so many shades you can play with. It’s time to find the one that’s right for you!

Change Up Your Hair at Your Annapolis Hair Salon

Are you ready to go with a new fall look? Email us at to schedule an appointment!

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5 Hair Myths You Should Stop Believing

There are many popular hair myths circling around that may actually be doing your hair more harm than good. Ruby Salon, an Annapolis hair salon, discusses five hair myths that you should stop believing in.annapolis hair salon

1. Brushing Your Hair 100 Strokes Each Day

You’ve probably heard this one from your grandmother or someone from her generation. This number of strokes is actually a really excessive number for anyone’s hair, no matter the type or texture. It can actually damage your hair or contribute to hair loss for people that have fine or thinning hair. 

Brushing is still essential, though. It helps to distribute oils from your scalp throughout your hair to keep it hydrated. However, make sure you only do it when it’s needed, like when your hair is tangled. Use a wide-toothed comb or a paddle brush that has plastic bristles that are ball-tipped. They’re the best choices to keep your hair healthy.

2. Greasy Hair Doesn’t Need Conditioner

Conditioner has no impact on how greasy your hair is. Greasy hair comes from the amount of sebum in your hair. This is an oil that’s naturally produced by your scalp. Every type of hair needs conditioner to ensure it stays hydrated and nourished. The key is finding one that works well for your hair type. It’s also recommended to apply the conditioner only at the ends.

3. The More You Cut Your Hair, the Faster it’ll Grow

The team at Ruby Salon is always ready to give you a cut and style when you’re looking for something new. But a trim every 4-6 weeks isn’t going to make your hair grow faster. Hair grows from the roots, so trimming it more isn’t going to do anything. However, you do want to get a trim at least every 8-12 weeks, even when you’re growing your hair out, to keep a handle on split ends.

4. Stress is What Causes Gray Hair

Your mom has probably blamed you for this very thing. But the time you start going gray is mainly determined by genetics. As we get older, we produce less melanin, so the hair comes in gray instead of colored. But there is evidence that shows that prolonged stress can speed up aging and how fast your hair falls out. So stress may technically accelerate how fast your hair grays over a long period of time.

5. Air Drying is Better Than Blow Drying

Honestly, this is both true and false at the same time. Subjecting your hair to high heats frequently causes damage to the surface of your hair. But air-drying every day can damage the strands themselves due to prolonged exposure of water. Put your hairdryer on the lowest setting and make sure it’s continuously moving and never in one area of your hair too long.

The Best Hair Treatment at Your Annapolis Hair Salon

We’ll be sure to make sure your hair is at its best. And we’re always ready to answer a question about a hair myth you’ve heard! Email us today at to schedule an appointment.

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Why You Should Cut Your Hair Short

The summer heat often brings back the age-old question, “Should I try cutting my hair short?” It’s a big step to chop off those locks you’ve spent time growing. But it feels great when the weather’s hot, and you’ll look adorable with a new style. Ruby Salon, your Annapolis hair salon, explains why you should go for it.annapolis hair salon

It’ll Most Likely Look Healthier

When we hold onto the length of our hair and don’t cut it for ages, the ends can get thin and look stringy. They’re also more likely to be damaged and have split ends, particularly if you use heat to style often. Taking a decent amount of length off can do wonders for how healthy your hair looks. 

It May Suit You Better

You may find that a shorter style actually suits the shape of your face better. If you have finer hair, a short cut can also help make your hair look fuller. Once you take the plunge, you may discover that you love this look even more than your long hair. But you never know until you give it a try!

It Can Be Easier to Style

Long hair can be a pain to style, particularly if you don’t wake up with hair that looks good naturally. If you regularly straighten or curl your long locks, you know the time that’s taken up when you’re doing it. A short cut can shave precious minutes off your getting ready time. Your hairstylist can help you learn some simple, easy ways to style it so it looks perfect.

It’s Exciting!

Try to keep looking on the positive side if you’re making a big change. Change is exciting! If you’ve had the same style for years, getting something completely new is exhilarating. It can make you feel confident and sexy to change it up and rock a new do. If you’re ready to shake things up in your life and need a change, you can get that rush with a simple haircut!

If All Else Fails, It’ll Grow Back

There’s always a chance that you won’t like your cut. And while we push focusing on the positive, sometimes you just aren’t a fan. But it’s important to remember that it’s just hair. It’ll always grow back. Your hairstylist can help you with fun styles as you’re growing it out and they can always give an opinion as to what haircut they think will fit you.

Change it Up at Your Annapolis Hair Salon

Are you ready to take the plunge and make a big change to your hair? Email us at to get scheduled.

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