Brazilian Blowout Annapolis, MD


Ruby Salon is a certified provider of the revolutionary Brazilian Blowout treatment. This is the only hair smoothing and straightening treatment that actually improves the health of your hair!

The Brazilian Blowout is completed in about an hour and a half and leaves your hair looking and feeling smooth and healthy for up to 90 days.
After your treatment you can do anything you normally do with your hair and it will remain manageable, frizz-free and radiant due to the protective layer created during the treatment that smooths the hair cuticle and eliminates frizz while improving the health of your hair.

Ready for smooth, silky, healthy hair? Schedule an appointment today with your Ruby Salon stylist and see how a Brazilian Blowout can change your look.

Brazilian BeforeChristine- after
Christine- Before and After

Split Ends Treatment

The makers of the Brazilian Blowout hair treatment and products now offer “hair therapy” for split ends: Professional Split Ends Repairing Treatment.split ends ruby

Similar to the Brazilian Blowout process, this treatment will seal and protect the ends of your hair, giving it a smoother, healthier look. This treatment can highlight and enhance your hair style and cut.

Ask your Ruby stylist about Split Ends treatment the next time you come in for a hair cut or treatment.